Monday, 12 April 2010

Hale Boggs

(February 15, 1914– Undetermined; presumably October 16, 1972, not declared dead until January 3, 1973

Fresh controversy surrounds a mysterious 20-year-old plane crash that killed former Louisiana Congressman Hale Boggs.

New information obtained through an FBI report this week revealed that a tip concerning the location of the downed plane may never have been pursued. The plane disappeared on Oct. 16, 1972, near the Malaspina Glacier.

Despite the new development, however, Alaska State Troopers Friday said they will not mount a renewed effort to find the wreckage of the Cessna-310 that carried Boggs, the former House Majority Leader, and an Alaska congressman, Nick Begich.

Col. John Murphy, director of the troopers, said it would be nearly impossible to find the plane.

"We have taken the time necessary to research the new information received and to review old files, but have determined that to search the coordinate indicated from the radio tracking almost 20 years prior would have negligible results," Murphy said in a statement.

Begich, Boggs, and two others were flying from Anchorage to Juneau when their plane disappeared in a storm near the Malaspina Glacier. The plane was never found despite an intensive search.
A Washington, D.C. newspaper, Roll Call, through a Freedom Of Information Act request, found the existence of the FBI report and questioned whether anyone followed up on the lead immediately following the plane's disappearance.

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