Monday, 13 June 2011

Apologies for the Wait... New Posts Will be Forthcoming

Greetings to all, please be patient as new posts will be delivered soon. Apologies for the protracted wait but this is a long-term work in progress and I've been extremely busy running about attending to other priorities. Your readership is very important and we thank you sincerely for your patience as post updates and the time management needed to produce them is properly sorted.

Cheers and gratitude.



  1. You may care to add Danny Jowenko to Suspicious Deaths.

    He was the Dutch controlled demolition expert whose videos are well known to those studying the 9/11 false flag crime.

    Mr Jowenko was allegedly killed July 16, 2011 in a single vehicle collision.

    He now won't be available for interviews on the obvious controlled demolition of World Trade Center Building 7, to coincide in a few weeks time with the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 scam in America.

  2. Much thanks for the Danny Jowenko lead Anonymous, we'll look into it as soon as possible. There are some great new changes coming here and I'll announce them as soon as it coalesces.


    - HHQ

  3. add michael hastings to your list. he was investigating the director of the CIA at the time of his death.