Thursday, 21 October 2010

Edith Cavell

(4 December 1865 – 12 October 1915)

"In 1914, Edith Cavell, an English nurse, was running a hospital in Belgium.

Edith took charge of the Belgian Relief Commission which aimed to get food and medical supplies to war-ravaged Belgium.

Allied charities sent huge amounts of food and medicine to Belgium. Edith discovered that certain people in Britain were making sure all these supplies ended up in the German Empire.

She discovered that
Jewish-owned banks in England were sending money to the Germans to help them buy these supplies.
This was causing famine in Belgium.

Edith wrote a letter of protest to a British magazine The Nursing Mirror, which published the letter on 15 April 1915.

Edith’s letter was shown to Sir William Wiseman, a Jew who was high up in British Intelligence.

Reportedly, Wiseman contacted Max Warburg, the Jew in charge of German Intelligence, and told Warburg to execute Edith as a British spy."

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