Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Karen Silkwood

(Feb 19, 1946 to November 13, 1974)

Karen Silkwood, killed in a hit an run accident, while she was on her way to deliver a brown manila folder containing information regarding about 8,000 lbs of missing Plutonium from the Cimmaron Plant of Kerr-McGee Corporation's Plutonium processing plant, near Oklahoma City, OK.



  1. Now who in the world could have stolen that much Plutonium? Who had a covertly active nuclear production programme fully running at the time? Hint: they use a reactor in Dimona as a cover to produce nuclear weapons of mass destruction and they absolutely refuse to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Second hint: it rhymes with made-in-hell.

    1. this happened around the time i was in high school here in okc. the stuff wasn't stolen. it was being kept for sinister purposes under a different tag.