Sunday, 17 October 2010

J.H. Hatfield

(January 7, 1958–July 18, 2001)

“I've told you enough already” he told Hatfield when pressed for more details. “There's only a handful of us that know the truth. I'm not even sure his wife knows about it. . . Just keep digging. But keep looking over your shoulder.” Hatfield continued digging and with every turn he found more and more incriminating evidence. When he phoned George W's presidential campaign and questioned a spokesman, Scott McAllen, who had previously refused to comment on the allegations, he was given every indication that he was on the right track. Hatfield asked about Bush's involvement in the community service project in 1972 as a condition to having his cocaine possession charge purged. According to Hatfield: “There was a moment of electric silence, and then McAllen muttered an almost inaudible "Oh s***", and after hesitating for a moment finally said, ‘No comment’.”

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  1. i just finished reading that book he wrote. rove certainly started early, huh ?