Friday, 29 October 2010

Lord Northcliffe

(15 July 1865 – 14 August 1922)

Lord Northcliffe was one of the most powerful obstacles to the Zionist conquest of Palestine, and from there the world. If he had succeeded in setting his power against Zionism, there may have been no 911, no 7/7, no USS Liberty, perhaps not even a Second World War.

Northcliffe was trying to use The Times among other publications in his media empire to publish the truth about the obscenity of Zionism crushing Palestine, a land he traveled to personally to see for himself the truth. He was rich and powerful, and yet was easily thrown aside and murdered by those who have done so much since, and fully intend to do much more in our future. 

While travelling in Switzerland he was pronounced insane by a mysterious French doctor (which adds to the conviction of some of us that the banker's paradise of Switzerland is central to many of the calamities that have fallen to the world), and died shortly afterwards, though many of those who saw him shortly before his sudden death considered him to be in fine health.

The murder of Northcliffe illuminates the hideous power of the beast that stalks us all, one that easily removes any obstacle to their dark agenda. Fortunately for them, and unfortunately for the whole of mankind, those who defy them try to use reason, the law and decency, whereas the creatures use bomb, bullet, poison and secret influence, making the outcome decided from the start.

As with all obstacles to Zionism, their Wikipedia operation cleverly leads it's ignorant readers to the conclusion that anything but elite secretive fascists were responsible for his death, in this case by slandering his memory in the very first paragraph. It's short article on this titan of former British society also does not mention the words Zionist or Palestine anywhere on the page, nor the mysterious circumstances of his sudden death shortly after setting his hand against Zion. 


  1. with respect to all concerned; there is one aspect to lord northcliffe's life which may yield a particular response from 'zion'. that is that he knew 'arthur mee', who had a particular take on the so called 'end of time' debate of 1922. purportedly lord northcliffe stayed with arthur mee at no.6 lower orchard street, stapleford, nottinghamshire in 1920, across the road from the old college of further education (now called the arthur mee centre) and virtually in front of st. hellen's parish church, church street, stapleford, nottinghamshire. to one side of the old saxon cross and around the corner from the 'jerhova witness hall' on albert street. purportedly lord norcliffe in 1920 was identified by 'zion' as one who stood in the way of 'ultimate authority' resting with zion and 'the end of the world game'. make of that what you will...

  2. with respect to all concerned; there is a potential explanation to the suggestion that 'secretive' finacial authorities were involved in the presumed murder of lord northcliffe. purportedly the merchant banker's 'house of agar' based in berne, switzerland took 'deep' exception to the fact that lord norcliffe had read a translation of the so called 'articles of zion' and had formerly understood that the 'jewish state' to be (as advocated by 'arthur john balfour' in the so called 'balfour declaration' of 1917) should have 'ultimate authority' as far as wealth (inotherwords money) from its 'foundation'. zionist's believed that the 'state of israel' should be the richest country on earth. the attend; was that the new zionist state should use its wealth to extort the rest of 'common humanity'. this interpretation of the so called 'articles of zion' upset so many people in western europe that anti - semitism' grew beyond control, leading directly to the 'final solution to the jewish problem'. the weird detail is that the so called 'articles of zion' were purportedly in one interpretation the 'five books of the talmud'. these were a 'satanist tractus' written in 'yid' or yidish' which historically were seen as 'a book of spells'. bizarre to some and myself and very much to lord northcliffe who came to understand that 'zionism' demanded the 'end of time' in 1922 and set the 'clock' ticking down to 2012. ps. for the record the 'house of agar' was founded in 1215ad by william rufus agar; a french 'jewish' subject born in dijon, france who worked as a finacial consultant to the french court. he was the so called 'fifth element'; one of five 'freemasons' who worked with seven 'mason particulars' to 'invegel' or 'spy' on the british court of king john plantagenett or john 1. the real interest was in castle building and where the money came from to design and build; particularly in the levant after the crusade of 1189ad. as far as i understand 'freemasonry' has 'no truk' with 'baron particular'. a 'baron's ticket' to 'roll barrel' or 'founder' or even to 'crenelate' a 'castle battlement' is the last thing that a so called 'freemason' can stomach. make of that what you will...