Friday, 22 October 2010

Stephen Curtis

March 3, 2004

According to The Times, Curtis, who managed a £16 billion portfolio for Menatep, was under surveillance and had been threatened in the weeks before his death. He told a relative, "If anything happens in the next two weeks then it won't be an accident." After his death, Curtis' home was found to contain a small magnet used for a bugging device. It also was revealed at the Curtis death inquest that the British attorney had been in contact with British police "on many occasions" concerning the activities of his Russian clients.

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  1. Curtis having a relationship with Menatep, a now dysfunctional banking corporation that had connections with criminal activity such as money laundering, life ending in a suspicious death, possible having to much insider information, leaves the impression of concern with those associated with crime.
    If he was in contact with police and activities regarding the criminal aspect of this organization, you are treading a dangerous line which may be well paid but having intrepid consequences, as this case most likely ending in death as a result of being on the wrong side of criminal action and having not enough status with police for police protection, unlike say Rupert Murdock, who has the right connections and balance between police protection and criminal association.