Sunday 30 May 2010

Paul Vigay

(October 24, 1964 – February 20, 2009)

There were glowing tributes to the young man who seemed to be everyone’s darling, and these gave no hint of any depression or inner anguish still less despair. He was a happy man. I reckon quite a few of those present doubted whether he had taken his life, but nothing was said. His mother didn’t know of any depression from which he was suffering, and assured me that the day before on Feb 18th some pals of his had found him to be his normal, chirpy self. Later I spoke to a computer-encryption expert who had helped Paul write some programs, and he assured us (I and SP) that various people had found him to be quite OK on Thursday 19th: it was a normal day for him.

Yes, he could swim. No, there was no pier nearby for him to fall off. The seafront was next to the Royal Marines Museum, in Eastney, the pier was over a mile away. A chap who had known Paul for over twenty years, who had been his lodger, told me he did not believe Paul could have taken his life like that, because he was too rational and balanced. He had seen Paul be hardly phased by huge financial-debt problems at times. He recalled that that stretch of pebbly beach had happy memories for Paul, because he had earlier been involved with the BBC filming a ‘Magical Mystery’ tour-type program there (I can’t remember exactly what he told me). People are saying Paul was a bit of a manic-depressive, I asked him, but he rejected that.

Phil Sneider

(April 23, 1947 - January 1996)

For the last two years of his life, Philip had been on the "lecture tour" throughout the United States, talking out about government coverups. You name it, he was talking about it: Aliens (treaties and abductions), UFO's, the One World Government, Black Budgets, Underground Mountain Bases, CIA involvement in civilian murders and drugs, Stealth technology, the Philadelphia Experiment, Operation Crossroads (Bikini Island A-bomb experiments), Dulce Fire Fight, the Oklahoma bombing, the World Trade Center bombing, missing children, Gunderson Freight Cars, the opening of concentration camps and Marshal Law/UN involvement, man-made
viruses and earthquakes, etc.etc.

Sunday 2 May 2010

Robin Cook

(28 February 1946 – 6 August 2005)

Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, 59, who revealed just after the 7/7 London transport bombings that Al Qaeda was the name of a CIA database of US-trained Mujaheddin and who was a harsh critic of Tony Blair and the United States for the Iraq War, collapsed while walking near Laxford Bridge in northwest Scotland.

Cook, who often walked and was thought to be in good physical health, was flown by helicopter to Inverness where he died in hospital.

Cook was succeeded as Foreign Secretary by two Jewish men, firstly Jack Straw, and after Straw by the current Foreign Secretary, David Miliband.

Cook is perhaps best known for some odd statements shortly before his death, in which he said that AlQaida did not exist, and that all intelligence agencies knew this fact.

Some words can be very dangerous for important men to utter, such as these:

"The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this.

"But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism.

"The country behind this propaganda is the US . . ." - Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

John Smith

(13 September 1938 - 12 May 1994)

On the evening of 11 May 1994, John Smith made a speech at a fund raising dinner at Park Lane Hotel with around 500 people present, saying famously "The opportunity to serve our country - that is all we ask". The following morning, at 8.05am, whilst in his Barbican flat, Smith suffered a massive heart attack. His wife phoned an ambulance and he was rushed to Saint Bartholomew's Hospital where he died at 9.15am on 12 May 1994 having never regained consciousness. Only two weeks before his death, on 28 April, Smith had visited the same accident and emergency department to campaign against its proposed closure.

Smith's unexpected early death cleared the way for a certain Tony Blair, who turned out to be the most controversial and hated British Prime Minister in recent history, if at all.

Tony Blair has Jewish ancestry and is still alive and well.

Olof Palme

(30 January 1927 – 1 March 1986)

Palme was another Swedish politician who seemed to understand the true nature of Zionism, by criticising the terror state, and by defending Palestinians.

Like many others who have popped up on the Zionist radar for attention, he died young and violently.

John Patrick O'Neill

(February 6, 1952 – September 11, 2001)

O'Neill was the Assistant Director of the FBI until 2001. His investigations into supposed Islamic terrorism started to throw up some unexpected results, and he was obstructed ever more in order to keep the truth of the matter - that American intelligence spooks with Zionist allies were responsible for many terror attacks - from the public gaze.

In a stunning display of the Chutzpa they are famous for, O'Neill was made head of security in the WTC on August 23, 2001, with his very first actual day in the job on Septemebr 11, 2001l. He died, either as a result of the attacks, or by being shot in the head some time during the day.

Anna Lindh

(19 June 1957 – 11 September 2003)

Sweden’s popular foreign minister Anna Lindh is the third high-ranking Swedish political opponent of Zionism to have been murdered since 1948, which raises the question: Was Lindh assassinated because of her outspoken opposition to Israel’s occupation of Palestine?

When Sweden’s foreign minister Anna Lindh was brutally stabbed by an unknown assailant while shopping in an upscale Stockholm department store, it marked the third murder in 55 years of a high-level Swedish opponent of Zionist aggression in Palestine.

George S Patton

(November 11, 1885 – December 21, 1945)

Patton went through the Second World War taking part in some of the most savage battles, adored and respected by his men, unlike many pampered "rear line" generals. Such was his fighting prowess and no nonsense get-at-em attitude that, given his head, he probably could have ended the war months earlier than was the case.

He was denied taking Berlin in favour of the dreaded Bolshevik Jewish Red Army, and the resulting terrible murders, rapes and horror that ensued. It may have been this as much as anything that woke Patton up to the Jewish extremist nature of the Russian leadership.

After writing a few candid and open letters to his wife voicing astonishing doubts that he had spent the war fighting the wrong enemy, he died in a minor fender bender car crash, one in which he was the only one to die by bumping his head. All others in the car survived largely unhurt.

Patton realised the truth of things, and then he quickly died, as many have done before, and will do again.