Saturday 11 December 2010

Captain Ken Masters

1965 - 15 October 2005

Captain Ken Masters, commander of the Royal Military Police’s Special Investigations Branch in Iraq, was charged with investigating allegations of mistreatment of Iraqi civilians by British soldiers. While attempting to investigate the ‘rescue’ of the FRR members, he was found hung in his military accommodation in Basra on October 15. Reports indicate that he had displayed no signs of stress or illness and that no suicide notes were found at the scene. There was no government enquiry, no questions in the House, and nobody went to jail.

Sunday 5 December 2010

Bruce Lee

(November 27, 1940 - July 20, 1973)
I've been holding off for a bit in doing this post on the suspicious death of Bruce Lee, precisely because of its importance to myself and others. Those who know my reputation and style know that I put a lot of research into what I cover and uncover. So I wanted to make sure that I provided due service and diligence to this story. What I find most infuriating about his death is the concerted and orchestrated effort to smear facts and evidence with the absurd horse-shit that Bruce Lee and his son Brandon's death was because of some 'ancient Chinese' curse. Well, if that is true it must be the same one that afflicted the Kennedy family as well right? Well, when one examines the evidence in both cases, they come away with no mystical curses, but first-degree murder deployed through covert means.

If Bruce Lee could be summed up in one single word it would be Intensity. It's how he lived his life in totality, which matched his Chi. Lee's Chi could be as tranquil and deep as a lake, or raging, with the ever-rising destructive force of a Tsunami. Controlled force dispersion that flows can only come from tapping in Chi that has been trained and assimilated. Bruce Lee was a consummate martial artist who voraciously sought out and learned any martial art regardless of who or where it was developed. He often schooled others to educate themselves to distil and incorporate the essential and beneficial, and reject that what isn't of practical use or value in everything. He was an innovative trailblazer who devised new ways of empirical fighting comprising all these methods. He promoted healthful lifestyle and invented a novel electro-muscular stimulation invention, that was later co-opted, and now used regularly in the field of physical rehabilitation. He encouraged people to seek the balance and harmony in all and how fluid the energy of life is when viewed in the totality of Yin and Yang. To encompass this internally, to view the world subjectively and recognise ones part in it as a small piece of a universal whole. He studied Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and many other Eastern and Western philosophies which he incorporated as valuable components that advanced him as a human being. His vision and persona both resurrected and inspired Chinese and Asian pride worldwide. He was fiercely independent and intolerant of the inane and superficial, he forged his own path and defied convention. When he was ordered by Gung Fu sifus to specifically never teach foreigners he did so anyway after winning a fighting challenge.

Bruce Lee, much like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and John Lennon all represent the extra-ordinary individual. This I define as someone who excels so well at what they do, that it is near divine in scope, range and effect. Because of this humble, yet magnificent power, it attracts and influences many people. It inspires one to transcend themselves, and see things on a bigger screen which in turn becomes a threat to the assumed elite. You see they prefer their livestock to be docile, stupid and uninspired, creatively neutered and fed a steady diet of base desires, hatred and death. This extra-ordinary personality electrifies, and those who are touched by their works are changed significantly. The powers that be can't tolerate people who encourage that in their slaves, for it will eventually cause dissatisfaction and ultimate resistance. The diabolical gangsters know you better than you know yourself and refine their techniques to accommodate your attempts to escape mentally. The extra-ordinary person represents the near-messianic super-hero who can't be co-opted and must be eliminated.

Bruce Lee's Chi force is alive with ferocity when you saw him in films and exhibitions and it captivated people full-stop. He was nurtured by the martial arts, and in turn cultivated its growth exponentially. He practised, innovated and refined techniques that became super-human such as punching so fast that he could land 9 two-fist punches within 1 seconds time. From his formative Wing Chun training with Ip Man, Lee utilised the 'one-inch' punch, which was literally delivered within a one-inch space from an opponent with sufficient chi power to send them sprawling backwards flat on their arses.

The medical diagnosis of his untimely death on July 20, 1973 was discerned as a cerebral Oedma. Although his skull showed no injury, his brain had swollen considerably, from 1,400 to 1,575 grams. None of the blood vessels were blocked or broken, so the possibility of a haemorrhage was ruled out. Medical examination did however discover some small bruises on his left temple running up to the brow ridge.

On the day of his demise, Bruce was at Raymond Chow's home to discuss and plan the film the Game of Death. Afterwards they travelled to actress Betty Tingpei's flat to continue going over the script, where Chow departs eventually for a scheduled dinner. Shortly, Lee complains of a headache and Betty Tingpei gives him a tablet of Equagesic, which is a combination drug composed of Aspirin and Meprobamate. Meprobamate is a potentially toxic muscle relaxant, overdose symptoms include: drowsiness, sluggishness, unresponsiveness, or coma; loss of muscle control; severe impairment or cessation of breathing; or shock. Death has been documented with ingestion of as little as 12g of Meprobamate and survival with as much as 40g. A likely cause of Bruce Lee's death was an overdose of Equagesic followed by a chemical which triggered a cerebral Oedma. An introduction of a highly toxic dosage of the drug Indomethacin can produce a fatal cerebral Oedema and produce secondary acute renal failure. At 7:30 PM Bruce lay down for a nap and soon slipped into unconsciousness. Raymond Chow returns to Betty Tingpei's flat after she tells him that she could not awaken Bruce from his unconscious sleep-like state. Chow is unable to awaken Lee and calls a doctor who then spends 10 minutes attempting resuscitation, finally calling an ambulance. Lee dies before the ambulance's arrival and he is subsequently pronounced D.O.A. at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Bruce Lee was truly one of a kind martial artist, the only two who come close now would be Tony Jaa and Jet Li in my estimation.

Saturday 4 December 2010

Graziella Corrocher (age 55)

On the day before Roberto Calvi's body was found, Calvi had been stripped of his post at Banco Ambrosiano by the Bank of Italy, and his 55 year old private secretary Graziella Corrocher had "jumped" to her death from a fifth floor window at Banco Ambrosiano. Corrocher left behind an angry note condemning the damage that Calvi had done to the bank and its employees. Corrocher's death was ruled a suicide, although as with Calvi's death there have been suggestions of foul play.

Mino Pecorelli

(September 14, 1928 – March 20, 1979)

"Mino Pecorelli, a member of P2, said it was actually run by the CIA. He wasn't allowed to say it for very long though. Peccorelli was murdered by a means acknowledged as a Mafia death ritual for those who say too much...."

Pope John Paul I

(17 October 1912 – 28 September 1978)

Luciani Albini, Pope John Paul I, was almost certainly murdered, by an international network of fascists and money launderers, with ties to far-right elements within military and intelligence agencies (P2 Freemasons).  

He only served 33 days; what could he have done in that short time to deserve death? What kind of Pope was he becoming.