Saturday 30 October 2010

Walther Rathenau

(September 29, 1867 – June 24, 1922)

"Like many Jews of his generation who had attained wealth and held intellectual and social pretensions, Rathenau subordinated his Jewishness to his Germanness -- perhaps with more fervency than most. In 1897 he characterized his people as "a separate and alien race," and asserted his complete devotion to Germany and to the German people. When he called his people "the salt of the earth," he added that too much salt produced an unsavory diet. Rathenau argued vehemently against Zionism on ideological and practical grounds."

One of the big surprises about the astonishing Zionist conspiracy, is that the majority of Jews wanted nothing to do with either it, or a so called Jewish homeland, forced on to the peaceful land of Palestine.

The Jews already living peacefully in Palestine beside their Muslim neighbours and friends certainly wanted nothing to do with the strange new Russian Khazar creatures who arrived in their midst, backed by Rothschild money, and with murderous zealotry in their eyes.

European Jews also, for the most part, were not interested in this strange and despicable process, suddenly born out of the horrors of the First World War. Many resisted and protested, just as many do to this day.

Walther Rathenau was one such, though in his case, being a high level German politician, he was more noticeable than most Jews defying Zionism at that crucial time, and so shortly after making his clear objections known, he was murdered. 

Friday 29 October 2010

Lord Northcliffe

(15 July 1865 – 14 August 1922)

Lord Northcliffe was one of the most powerful obstacles to the Zionist conquest of Palestine, and from there the world. If he had succeeded in setting his power against Zionism, there may have been no 911, no 7/7, no USS Liberty, perhaps not even a Second World War.

Northcliffe was trying to use The Times among other publications in his media empire to publish the truth about the obscenity of Zionism crushing Palestine, a land he traveled to personally to see for himself the truth. He was rich and powerful, and yet was easily thrown aside and murdered by those who have done so much since, and fully intend to do much more in our future. 

While travelling in Switzerland he was pronounced insane by a mysterious French doctor (which adds to the conviction of some of us that the banker's paradise of Switzerland is central to many of the calamities that have fallen to the world), and died shortly afterwards, though many of those who saw him shortly before his sudden death considered him to be in fine health.

The murder of Northcliffe illuminates the hideous power of the beast that stalks us all, one that easily removes any obstacle to their dark agenda. Fortunately for them, and unfortunately for the whole of mankind, those who defy them try to use reason, the law and decency, whereas the creatures use bomb, bullet, poison and secret influence, making the outcome decided from the start.

As with all obstacles to Zionism, their Wikipedia operation cleverly leads it's ignorant readers to the conclusion that anything but elite secretive fascists were responsible for his death, in this case by slandering his memory in the very first paragraph. It's short article on this titan of former British society also does not mention the words Zionist or Palestine anywhere on the page, nor the mysterious circumstances of his sudden death shortly after setting his hand against Zion. 

James Garfield

(November 19, 1831 – September 19, 1881)

James Garfield became President about a decade and a half after Lincoln's assassination. Garfield, too, was a strong foe of the central-banking scheme. He saw American history as a struggle between freedom and slavery – freedom to pursue one's own destiny, or slavery in bondage to the banks that bled the economies of nations and shackled its peoples with insurmountable public debts.

In 1881, Garfield said, “Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce…and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”

Two weeks later, he was dead. Garfield's presidency lasted only 100 days, and ended with a bullet.

Abraham Lincoln

(February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865)

President Abraham Lincoln was an ardent opponent of the greedy money-making schemes employed by central banks. It had been tried in the USA in the early-to-mid 1800s and beat back by strong and courageous leaders, but it was firmly in control in Europe.

When the Civil War began in America, the international banking cartel agreed to a $150 million government loan package to finance the war. They would resell U.S. bonds in England with the Barings and Rothschilds, putting the United States at the mercy of the British aristocracy and international financiers.

Lincoln came up with his own plan. He decided to finance the war with U.S. Government notes, which came to be known as “greenbacks” because the backs were printed with green ink. He decided to pay for the war with money instead of with debt.

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Rudolph Diesel

(March 18, 1858 – last seen alive September 29, 1913)

"Rudolph Diesel invented an engine which bears his name, which was demonstrated to run on vegetable oil, so impressed were the British government that he was invited across to Britain to sell us his engines, for updating the fleet, this would give badly needed work and prosperity to Britain’s farmers, and land workers, producing vegetables for fuel.

Strangely, for a man who was about to become filthy rich, the history books say Rudolph Diesel jumped over board on the crossing and drowned. Co-incidentally of course, Rothschild, whose banks became rich loaning for Britain’s wars, put his agent Winston Churchill, into the admiralty as first sea lord, to lobby for the new middle east oil based engines, which would run on oil he supplied, the purchase of the new engines would be also bought with Rothschild loans"

Sunday 24 October 2010

Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin

(April 14, 1862 – September 18, 1911)

Another of those curious 911 moments that seem to reoccur in the story of Zionism was the murder of Count Stolypin by a Jewish assassin in September 1911.

Stolypin was a central part of the attempted reforming of Czarist Russia, in concert with the Czar Nicholas himself, giving three million landless Russian peasants the land they worked on.

Improving conditions in Russia were not fertile ground for the Talmudic extremists undermining it, and from there the rest of the world, and so in September 1911 yet another Jewish assassin played a crucial part in swaying world history towards their cause by murdering a reformer, as they have murdered many over the decades in order to arrive at the astonishing power they currently wield over most of mankind, though eventually they will wield utter and total control over every last person on this planet, that being the long game.

Count Stolypin's daughter was summarily executed in 1917 by a Jewish commissar (so called Bolshevik commissar), when he discovered she was Stolypin's daughter, a savage act that heralded the vicious reign of these creatures, and the subsequent murder of over sixty million real Russians, though this atrocity itself may be overshadowed in the future if these terrorists have their way. 

Friday 22 October 2010

Stephen Curtis

March 3, 2004

According to The Times, Curtis, who managed a £16 billion portfolio for Menatep, was under surveillance and had been threatened in the weeks before his death. He told a relative, "If anything happens in the next two weeks then it won't be an accident." After his death, Curtis' home was found to contain a small magnet used for a bugging device. It also was revealed at the Curtis death inquest that the British attorney had been in contact with British police "on many occasions" concerning the activities of his Russian clients.

Thursday 21 October 2010

Edith Cavell

(4 December 1865 – 12 October 1915)

"In 1914, Edith Cavell, an English nurse, was running a hospital in Belgium.

Edith took charge of the Belgian Relief Commission which aimed to get food and medical supplies to war-ravaged Belgium.

Allied charities sent huge amounts of food and medicine to Belgium. Edith discovered that certain people in Britain were making sure all these supplies ended up in the German Empire.

She discovered that
Jewish-owned banks in England were sending money to the Germans to help them buy these supplies.
This was causing famine in Belgium.

Edith wrote a letter of protest to a British magazine The Nursing Mirror, which published the letter on 15 April 1915.

Edith’s letter was shown to Sir William Wiseman, a Jew who was high up in British Intelligence.

Reportedly, Wiseman contacted Max Warburg, the Jew in charge of German Intelligence, and told Warburg to execute Edith as a British spy."

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Col. James Sabow

(Jan. 22, 1991)

Col. James Sabow was a Marine officer who was found dead in 1991 at his home at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, Calif.

A number of official investigations have concluded that Sabow committed suicide. Members of his family have long insisted this to be untrue and say that Sabow was murdered because he knew of weapons- and drug-smuggling activities at the base.

The case is back in the news because of the shooting Thursday at the Pentagon by, according to authorities, John Patrick Bedell. Facebook postings by someone named John Patrick Bedell express sympathy with the Sabow family’s conclusion that an undiscovered conspiracy lay behind Sabow’s demise. (For more on the Pentagon shooting, click here.)

Sunday 17 October 2010

Joseph Daniel Casolaro

(June 16, 1947–August 10, 1991)

Casolaro was found dead in a bathtub in the Sheraton Inn, Martinsburg, West Virginia, one day after allegedly arranging to meet a source in connection with an investigation he had referred to as "the Octopus." His research centered around a complex story called the Inslaw affair, and a sprawling conspiracy theory supposedly connected to it.

Government officials twice ruled that Casolaro's death was a suicide. However, within days of his death, family and friends were arguing that he'd been killed: Gary Lee of the Washington Post wrote, "Friends and relatives strongly suspect foul play, though they presented no evidence of it. They cited what they called the strange coincidence of Casolaro's death and his investigation into the Inslaw case."

J.H. Hatfield

(January 7, 1958–July 18, 2001)

“I've told you enough already” he told Hatfield when pressed for more details. “There's only a handful of us that know the truth. I'm not even sure his wife knows about it. . . Just keep digging. But keep looking over your shoulder.” Hatfield continued digging and with every turn he found more and more incriminating evidence. When he phoned George W's presidential campaign and questioned a spokesman, Scott McAllen, who had previously refused to comment on the allegations, he was given every indication that he was on the right track. Hatfield asked about Bush's involvement in the community service project in 1972 as a condition to having his cocaine possession charge purged. According to Hatfield: “There was a moment of electric silence, and then McAllen muttered an almost inaudible "Oh s***", and after hesitating for a moment finally said, ‘No comment’.”

Thursday 14 October 2010

Deborah Jeane Palfrey

(March 18, 1956 – May 1, 2008)

During several recent appearances on The Alex Jones Show, Palfrey said that she was at risk of being killed and that authorities would make it look like suicide. She made it clear that she was not suicidal and if she was found dead it would be murder.
"No I'm not planning to commit suicide," Palfrey told The Alex Jones Show on her last appearance, "I'm planning on going into court and defending myself vigorously and exposing the government," she said.

She was convicted on Tuesday, Apr 15 2008 of money laundering, using the mail for illegal purposes and racketeering, but she had not yet been sentenced. The charges stemmed from her operation of the Pamela Martin & Associates escort service, a prostitution service that catered to members of Washington's political elite. Palfrey faced 57 to 71 months in prison. She was free pending her sentencing July 24.

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Karen Silkwood

(Feb 19, 1946 to November 13, 1974)

Karen Silkwood, killed in a hit an run accident, while she was on her way to deliver a brown manila folder containing information regarding about 8,000 lbs of missing Plutonium from the Cimmaron Plant of Kerr-McGee Corporation's Plutonium processing plant, near Oklahoma City, OK.

Friday 8 October 2010

Christopher Story

(1938 – 14 July 2010)

"The "suicide" deaths of Hunter Thompson, Gary Webb and J.H. Hatfield show that reporters who expose the criminal activities of our political elite risk their lives.
They are on the front line of freedom. When they are killed, it means very bad things are in store for us.
In the latest issue of "World Currency Review," veteran British intelligence analyst Christopher Story warns us to expect a tyranny in America worse than Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. I'll elaborate below."

Friday 30 July 2010 13:47

"Christopher Story died peacefully at home on 14th July 2010 after a short illness.
Book orders will continue to be accepted as usual. However there may be a short delay in processing existing orders.

His family are grateful for their privacy at this sad time."