Sunday 2 January 2011

Brandon Lee

(February 1, 1965 - March 31, 1993)

To begin, this post will be longer than standard to accommodate some aspects of this case that need exposition. For a sudden death, shrouded in mystery of a high profile individual to occur is unusual. For another death to occur to yet another in ones family, to someone so young, and under equally mysterious circumstances, is frankly improbable. I knew it was when I had first heard the radio blare out that Brandon Lee was dead, then when I examined the means and evidence, I knew that this was no accident.

Brandon Lee was a man trying to negotiate contradictions and questions in finding his own path in this life. His Eurasian ancestry made life challenging for him at times, as he sought to find his identity within two worlds of the East, and the West. Not finding home in either, he amalgamated them instead and forged his own path. This, was also compounded also by unreasonable expectations on him to walk in his fathers shoes and bear his mantle. Brandon however cut his own way, on his own terms, following a destiny that he created from the shadow of his father the great Bruce Lee. 

In life Brandon Lee seemed like just another actor striving to become an action hero, using his parents fame as a launching pad, but he was actually much more than that. He was deep, introspective, contemplative and stridently individual. He was his father's son and had in him that same fire, that same unidentifiable quality that made him a burgeoning extra-ordinary individual. It's said that the assumed elite don't terminally neutralise people for who they are, but their power to inspire, influence and lead through their personality. We are all tested everyday in the different levels of our life and this testing gains rewards and punishments. The chap who wants to sincerely change the world doesn't get the CEO's position, or any position to effect that change. There are mechanisms in place, and strategically placed human gatekeepers to ensure that the status quo remains exactly that way. However, every once in a while there are those from amongst the masses who shine and transcend their station. They are exalted into celebrity through their personality, their talents and how they relate to the masses and represent them. Thus they bypass the system when their popularity amongst the masses elevates them to grassroots celebrity. This is why a Bono Vox of U2, the quisling bootblack of the elite could never rise to the level of stature of a John Lennon, though he fancies himself as such. Lennon spent his mature life fighting, financially supporting progressive causes and promoting revolutionary ideals. Bono however sucks off the elite, advances their degenerative policies and acts as a vanguard frontman for their twisted agendas. Lennon was murdered for his beliefs, Bono was promoted and rewarded because of his double-agent acting and crypto fealty. 

The media personality that reveals the truth publicly on Israel's war crimes gets immediate ostracisation, ridicule and attack. People join Freemasons, satanic cults and secret societies for the networking opportunities, to get closer to the assumed elite, to get the immunity from prosecution, and other assorted gang perks that come with being a connected predator. The woman who openly pontificates on 9-11 being an inside job at the workplace won't get that promotion, but the man on the radio who does the same and conveniently excises Israel's criminal enterprises is left to prosper unmolested in any way. Brandon, much like Peter Tosh, Bill Hicks, Jacob Miller and others didn't pass the test for one reason or another. They were profiled, vetted, surveilled, tested and assessed for whether they would act as tools for the furtherance of the diabolical agenda or hinderance to it.

Brandon Lee began to rise in popularity due to his down-to-earth persona and martial arts acumen, he had a broad appeal that the masses were able to gravitate to. Just like his father, he portrayed characters who were the common man fighting back against injustice. It was in his last film The Crow where he truly displayed the person he had become. The Crow was not a normal film, it was dark sure but the production values contained serious satanic overtones to those with trained eyes. Originally the Crow was originally a series of American comic-books by James O'Barr, that told a powerful and moving tale of love, resurrection and solemn vengeance. Though dark and realistically brutal, it contained no occult or satanic trappings whatsoever. When Hollywood picked it up as a creative property and produced it, it became a wholly different production, and there was clearly someone with satanised knowledge consulting. Watch the film closely and you'll see what I mean, Druidic rune graffiti adorned the urban set of Detroit which was not at all relevant to the locale. The satanic colours of red and black figure prominently in nightmarish flashback sequences throughout the film. The main villain "Top Dollar" and his witch sister/girlfriend Myca were explicitly satanic in dress and practises. The night The Crow is resurrected is Devil's Night, the night before Halloween. There is much more defining demon-friendly ambiance and accoutrements in the film than I will explore here. Suffice to say, the production setup looked as if it was unusually conducive to a ritualised murder.  

On March 31, 1993, during the filming of The Crow on set in Wilmington, North Carolina, Brandon Lee was shot with a live round, .44 calibre bullet from a Magnum disturbingly dubbed "Funboy". It was three takes into the scene where Lee was to walk in on his fiancée being sexually assaulted by street psychopaths. Actor Michael Massee in the role of the chief punk 'Funboy', was to point the weapon in the direction but not directly at Brandon Lee. The magnum was to be aimed at an angle that only appears to be pointed at an intended screen victim. This is standard practise in proper film production, that everyone on the set handling weapons are to explicitly treat blanks as live rounds. Corroborated by Wilmington Police reports, Massee had whirled the Magnum about wildly overhead, then levelling the gun at Brandon and firing. Brandon was hit in his abdomen 3 inches to the lateral right of his navel and went down bleeding profusely from major, irreparable internal damage. He immediately fell into unconsciousness and was dead three minutes afterwards. Despite arriving at the New Hanover Regional Medical Center D.O.A., doctors worked to attempt resuscitation for over 5 hours. An oddity that I find of note, as why work on someone who is literally dead for that amount of time? Unless, perhaps Brandon wasn't actually dead on arrival as reported.

So what we have is a live .44 calibre round placed into a Magnum, that wasn't supposed to be, aimed directly at Lee and fired, killing him. A police investigation throttled from on high of a contaminated crime scene and District Attorney Jerry Spivey labelling the crime near immediately as an accident. There were three separate film takes of the scene where Brandon Lee was murdered, and the 'Funboy' Magnum was fired twice successfully, before the fatal round. The evidential implication is that the gun DID NOT have a dummy bullet accidentally lodged in the chamber as the official story contends. For if it was it would have most assuredly have been flung out while Massee was waving it wildly about, or have been dislodged when fired during the previous two takes. What this clearly does indicate is that a live round was deliberately inserted into the handgun calculatingly and with malice aforethought. Or perhaps a replica of the 'Funboy' Magnum was swapped in and handed to Massey during the third take? That would clearly implicate the gun prop handlers Bruce Merlin, Charlene Hamer or Daniel Kuttner. 

A North Carolina Hanover County deputy reported one alarming fact, that was never followed up on. An unidentified Asian-American extra, was on the set and positioned himself with the gun prop team, by expressing his love for guns and obsession with the martial arts film genre. He volunteered to clean the set weapons and expressed that he had travelled from New York City expressly to come down for the filming of "The Crow". The extra was never formerly questioned, nor his true identity discovered as suspiciously the Crowvision Inc. movie company time sheets were found to be conveniently missing. Also, the mysterious Asian-American person of interest left the film set after Lee's shooting and never returned. One piece of evidence that would depict exactly what happened would be the actual film footage of the Lee shooting. Unfortunately that is not possible due to District Attorney Jerry Spivey ordering all evidence sealed, and the judge in Linda Lee Cadwell's (Brandon's mother) subsequent lawsuit ordered all the video footage destroyed.

Below are some additional unsettling occult aspects, and new evidence to consider in this case:

• In the film, Eric Draven and his fiancée Shelly Webster, who play about with occult gothism, are targeted, tortured, and murdered on the night of October 30th, Devils Night. It occurred 3 hours before midnight, on the night before their wedding that was scheduled to occur on October 31, Halloween. I is during the filming of this particular scene that Brandon Lee was shot and killed.

• 11 minutes of the original shooting of The Crow were deleted as prior to it's deletion the film apparently received an X rating by the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA).

• The main villain Top Dollar and his sister/girlfriend are generational satanists whom employ ritual sacrifice as a means to secure personal power.

A bit of ritual mutilation with an Athame
Victim's eyeball burning in ritual device

Ritually breathing in the smoking remains

• There is a scene in the film following Eric Draven's resurrection as The Crow, where he is climbing up a building and to his right is depicted an all-seeing eye with the words TAMISRA above it in shadows. Tamisra in ancient East Indian texts is one of 28 Hells and defined as: Tamisra Hell. Who goes to this hell? A man who takes way the wealth of others by fraud, or kidnaps the child or wife of another by force, are the ones who go to this particular hell. Why is this particular scene embedded in this film?

The phrase TAMISRA above an All-Seeing Eye

• The band in the movie playing during the henchman Skank's death was called 'My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult' an industrial dance group known for their sleazy satanoid themes. 

• The final fight scene is shot in an abandoned church, which in the real world cult cases, are known to be used by satanic cults for their denigrative ritual value.

Find anything of satanic interest in this shot? 

• In the final rooftop of the church fight scene, The Crow character receives a Katana blade sword thrust into his back and the blade protrudes exactly where Brandon Lee was shot by a .44 calibre bullet. The autopsy reported that his bullet wound was three inches to the lateral right of his navel, examine the picture and tell me what you see. Since the film was completed after Brandon's murder on the set, I find it more than a bit odd that they arranged this macabre scene by accident. It's more like a twisted 'Revelation of the Method', in-your-face, ritualised mocking to eyes sharp enough to spot it.

Brandon Lee as "The Crow" receiving a sword thrust 
that exits out at the exact location of the bullet wound 
site which killed him during earlier filming. 
That's just coincidence though right?

                     * Update 8, January 2012 *                           

Today I was watching Bruce Lee's posthumous final film The Game of Death. I had seen the film many years ago, and quite a number of times, though not with the same investigative eyes or mind. What struck me is one particular scene in the movie where a rather poor imitation Bruce Lee's character named Billy Lo is being stalked and warned of consequences for not capitulating to the threats of an entertainment industry syndicate. When they fail in their pathetic multiple attempts to physically coerce him they decide to finally kill him off. How you may ask? The syndicate sends one of their thugs to the set of a film where Billy Lo is filming a final scene that involves a firing squad type shooting of the character he's portraying. The hitman named Stick infiltrates himself amongst the other actors preparing to shoot at Billy Lo as just he jumps in the air. Just as in the final scene of Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury (aka The Chinese Connection) where the hero named Chen Zen is murdered with a volley of treacherous gunfire. The assassin 'Stick' crouches just as the director walks up and gives final instructions whilst passing out blank cartridges to their weapons. He states Gentlemen, these are blanks. Only aim upward. There's a wad of paper that comes out and can injure someone.", As the director passes out the cartridges, the hitman 'Stick' quickly changes his blank out, inserting a real bullet into his .38 calibre revolver. The director shouts "Action!" and as soon as Billy Lo runs and leaps in the air, the stuntmen fire and 'Stick' shoots billy in the face. Needless to say Billy survives his facial injury and gets his revenge.

What has this to do with Brandon Lee? Well, The Game of Death was released in 1978 and 15 years later, Brandon's shooting (read: murder) on the set shooting a scene for his final film the Crow, mirrors the exact assassination scenario portrayed in The Game of Death. Down to having real ammunition substituted for blanks and murder under the cover of an on-set movie shoot. The only difference is that in Brandon's case, the plot was followed full course to his ritually staged demise. Dismissed as a "tragic accident" or a laughable Chinese family curse, which of course are the prepared cover stories. Coincidence in the course of criminal investigation is a red flag, and it can hardly be accepted at face value during the course of proper crime analysis. In fact in terms of calculated criminal conspiracies, nothing plays better to obfuscate a crime like orchestrated coincidences. Believe enough convenient cover stories, and soon you'll start swallowing horseshit like 19 hijackers standing down NORAD to crash planes into buildings, "terrorist" attacks on Iraqi civilians every time the US mouths their intentions to pull troops, or Alleged Palestinian rockets stamped with conspicuous Hebrew writing" fired into Israel that produce infinitesimal amounts of alleged casualties and next to no damage. You see coincidence and cognitive dissonance are forever entwined with one another. For together they produce an opportune exit door when truth becomes too scary to deal with. The escape artists retreat for those who embrace fairytales for mass consumption as a lifestyle choice.

It is completely within the realm of plausibility that the same engineers behind the premature death of Bruce Lee, were the very self-same interests also behind the staged murder of his son, for it seems they both represented a similar threat. What better twisted pathology than to commit it in such a mocking manner that it leaves such an obvious a point of evidence. The revelation of the method, set in quite plain view before our very eyes and I'm only sorry I didn't pick up on it until just now.