Wednesday 21 September 2011

Bob Marley- A soul lost for the cause of freedom

"Many have lost their souls for the cause of freedom and Reggae singers are included because there are evil souls out there who do not want freedom to prevail"

Ras Cardo -The True Trenchtown story

Bob Marley was amongst what you've often heard defined here as an extraordinary individual.
This is someone who creates revolutionary changes in the standards of culture and is so proficient at what they do it surpasses anything done before and sets a solid milestone. Someone this charismatic and powerful set the bar high in their achievements, and influences nearly everyone who comes in contact with their works. Positive and progressive influence of course is problematic for the social engineering control freaks and PSYOP perception managers, who wish to instil a landscape of mental enslavement and stupefied banality.

This is why popular art, music and film generally sucks and has been synthetically degenerated by the crime lords and paymasters who fund and are in charge of producing it. Revolutionary extraordinary individuals can not, and are not tolerated in this environment for the threats they pose to the system's power over the masses. Those who appear on the radar are either bought off, compromised for some personal indiscretions or discovered weaknesses, or physically neutralised via vice exposure, engineered accidents, induced diseases, suicide or through contracted third-party assassinations. Threats must be co-opted, or their power of influence extinguished by never allowing them the means to reach the masses. For if they do and are able to change the consciousness and steer it against the predatory cabals, they and their infinitely corrupt system will be destroyed, and the conspirators made to pay for their egregious first-degree crimes against humanity.

Marley was that person who was doing precisely that with his words, music, passion for justice and money to fund progressive causes. It was the sum of all of these that put him on the intelligence radar for it is they who are the enforcers, warning system and attack dogs for the international syndicate of corporate and banking interests who run this planet in its current form. Their dedication to spying on the masses to receive forewarnings of revolutions and spot incendiary extraordinary individuals is how we remain in this game playing the same role with little variations. The underlying truth remains however, that they are terrified of the masses and our potential to route their machinations and tear this system asunder once and for all.

Bob Marley 'war' by banatchec

Until the philosophy which hold one race superior
And another
Is finally
And permanently
And abandoned -
Everywhere is war -
Me say war.

In two upcoming posts we will review Bob Marley's untimely and highly suspicious
Perhaps we will notice a common thread that runs through past and present events?
Along the way we will all get to enjoy some great music.

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