Friday 28 October 2011

Bob Marley: A case for assassination

When he spoke he espoused freedom and unity amongst humanity.
He sang of brotherhood and inherent human rights to the masses.
The messages of empowerment were delivered in such a way that the transformative energy was evident.
The presentation of positive narratives, via the enjoyable and universally appealing medium of music, struck fear in the hearts of the elite classes.
Bob Marley was a potential game changer-

Who he was?

Robert Nesta Marley, born February 6/1945, to Norval Sinclair Marley and Cedella 'Ciddy' Malcom. Norval was a 50 year old British Marine officer and Ciddy was an 18 or 19 year old native Jamaican. Contradictory accounts portray Norval as either an absentee father or indicate that Norval did indeed marry Cidy, but, "family pressures" put an end to the mixed marriage.
I lean toward the marriage and abandonment scenario. Bob Marley did have his father's name after all.

Prior to reaching his teen years, Cida moved with her young son to one of the numerous shanty towns that had sprung up around Kingston, Jamaica. The infamous Trench Town.
Perhaps you may think it notorious?
Whichever the case, Trench Town became home to the young Bob Marley and was cited as being influential in his music & life. Trench town is considered the birth place of reggae music. Real Reggae.

Life in Trench town appeared to seed some revolutionary thinking in Marley's mind.
The need for justice, real social justice. Freedom from oppression. Tolerance rather then judgment. It also made Bob realize that revolution was the only way this was going to come about. Not the revolution brought on by street fighting. The revolution of awareness and love for humanity.

"Stand up for your rights"
"Don't give up the fight" (Life is your right)

Those are YOUR human rights Bob Marley is singing about.
They are not granted to you.They are inherently yours. The instant you are born, you got 'em!
So, here we have a person of colour, also of mixed "race", preaching unification.
No division. No us vs them.

Were all human and we all have rights and even more abhorrent to the powerful people

We sick an' tired of-a your ism-skism game -
Dyin' 'n' goin' to heaven in-a Jesus' name, Lord.
We know when we understand:
Almighty God is a living man.

Your "ism-skism" -Brilliant.
'Ism's being labels that cause skism ( schisms- Greek: To Split)
Almighty God is a living man. That means you are God. God is you.
Whoa!- Unifying and empowering

Have you noticed every time a real unifying human force comes to the forefront, that person is killed? That can't be a coincidence? How could it be? Think about that.

"Smile Jamaica"

The first Smile Jamaica concert took place December 5/1976, at the National Hero's Park in Kingston, Jamaica. The concert was organized by Prime Minister Michael Manley and his PNP (People's National Party)
Bob Marley, who by then was revered in Jamaica, was asked and agreed to appear.
Just days after posters for the concert went up, Michael Manley announced his election run.
By all accounts Bob Marley was aware of how this was going to play out politically and was less then pleased with the prospects. He did not want to be seen as endorsing the PNP party or Michael Manley. He wanted to do the concert for the people of Jamaica. That said, Bob's participation in the concert was perceived to be a coup for the government of the day.

To understand Bob Marley’s hesitancy at the assumption his participation was an endorsement of the PNP party we need to take a quick look at political situation on the ground in Jamaica at that place in time.

As briefly as possible, given the enormity of this subject

PM Michael Manley and his party had brought about a lot of change. The kind of change that would not go unnoticed in the US.

“Michael Manley had begun to adopt “socialist” stances and began openly criticizing American foreign policies and meeting with U.S. enemy, Fidel Castro, in the 1970s. Given the cold war the US was having with Russia, the CIA did not want Jamaica to be friendly with communists.”
His electoral challenger? Edward Seaga.
Edward Seaga and the Jamaican Labour Party, were largely known for their ties to the US industrial class.

"Seaga was accused by opponents of helping to foment a culture of political terror that bordered on civil war in the 1970s.

"Former CIA agent, Philip Agee, said “the CIA was using the JLP (Jamaican Labour Party) as its instrument in the campaign against the Michael Manley government, I’d say most of the violence was coming from the JLP, and behind them was the CIA in terms of getting weapons in and getting money in.”
And drugs. Of course, there were drugs. The CIA is notorious for drug trafficking.

Let's dig into the subject of destabilization, the CIA, drug trafficking and political hits a bit more in depth? There is some interesting information here.

You should read it all for yourself. I will drop some tidbits. Note the same names and players as at the present time.

From a "destabilization diary" One month in 1976

-January 2: The Daily Gleaner published an editorial replete with lies, half-truths and malicious speculation , titled ‘If he fails...' The editor of the paper was Mr. Hector Wynter, a former chairman of and candidate for the JLP. (linked to the CIA)

-January 4: The Us secretary of State, Henry Kissinger , left Jamaica , unsuccessful in his mission to dissuade Manley from supporting the presence of Cuban troops in Angola. Despite this failure, he assured Manley that there was no CIA interference in Jamaica, but did not add that the CIA station in Kingston had just been strengthened by the arrival of a new chief, Norman Descoteaux, a man with recent field experience in Argentina and Ecuador where it was thought other destabilisation campaigns had previously taken place.
-January 5 : As officials of the IMF and World Bank held meetings for a conference subsequently to be held in Kingston, violence erupted in the ghettoes of the western sector of the city, thus providing material for a number of sensational articles filed by the large corps of foreign journalists reporting the IMF meeting.

-January 6 : The Minister of National Security announced the apprehension of 19 members of a group of gunmen being trained for operations against the government.

-January 7: Two policemen were killed and three others injured in attacks by gunmen, provoking a stoppage of work at the police barracks until the men were personally persuaded to return to duty by Manley.
Just one week. One week! Acampaign of terror pursued against an elected government.

Perhaps you will recall in the opening post the comment about the common thread that runs from the past to the present?
As it was in Jamaica and Chile previously, so it is in Libya and Syria presently.
The more things change, the more they are exactly the same?

Quickly recapping-

We have the guns & drug running. There are changes being undertaken within a nation (Jamaica in this case) by an elected government, unapproved of by the Western Powers.

We have destruction of that nation ongoing via covert ops, drugs and violence. We have "shows" of violence for the Western media to dutifully report back to gullible western audiences.
We have the banksters the IMF & World Bank, and their guaranteed impoverishment and enslavement mechanism forces at work.

Keep all this background in mind .........

Now let’s put Bob Marley, the unifier, front and centre.
On December 3/1976, gunmen appeared at Bob Marley’s home.
A news report immediately after it happened

Bob Marley makes it clear he had been threatened on numerous occasions after the announcement of the Smile Jamaica Concert. Don’t appear at the concert, was the message.
It also seems, judging by the news clip, Bob Marley knew who had tried to kill him and if he knew who, he knew why.

Who might have arranged the assassination attempt on Bob Marley's life?

Did Jim Brown organize hit on Bob Marley?

Huge article/ excepted from a book titled: Bob Marley— The Untold Story by Chris Salewicz

During rehearsals at 56 Hope Road, Salewicz said a 'white bwai' came to the property and advised the singer to tone down his lyrics, and to stop aiming at a white audience in the USA; if he didn't, he would find his visa to enter America would be taken away. Then the man left, as suddenly as he had arrived.

Whoever this was,he would appear to have been acting under instructions from the US Embassy, if not from the CIA. Don Taylor was convinced it was a message from the CIA, who at that time had a close relationship with the JLP; this was part of a strategy of relentlessly undermining Michael Manley's policy of allying with other Third World nations, notably communist Cuba.

Chris Salewicz, who spent time with Marley in Jamaica, in his book, Bob Marley—The Untold Story published in 2009, offers new insight into the incident, which made headlines around the world.

He wrote, "No one really believed that Claudie Massop, Bob Marley's good friend, would have involved himself in such a treacherous move, Jim Brown, don of the JLP stronghold of Tivoli Gardens, and alleged godfather of the multimillion-dollar drug dealing Shower Posse, might have done it" to show his boss that he could be a trusted assassin.

Jim Brown and the Shower Posse? Jim Brown's real name was Lester Coke.

Lester Coke, also known as Jim Brown, one of the founders of the Shower Posse and a fellow champion and protector of the impoverished Tivoli Gardens neighborhood in Kingston. Coke was a political enforcer and bodyguard to Edward Seaga, the leader of the Jamaican Labour Party.

Jim Brown/Lester Coke political enforcer with ties to Edward Seaga and the Jamaican Labour Party. As we have already read, the Jamaican Labour Party was working to destabilize Jamaica via the usual means....

An aside. And an interesting one at that!

In 2010 the US indicted Christopher "Dudas" Coke, the son of Jim Brown/Lester Coke for gun and drug trafficking. It appears he took over the family business.

The ramifications of this takedown were huge for the Jamaican political classes.
A quick read linked here if you are inclined to entangle yourself further into the tangled web of deception

Back to the shooting and the Smile Jamaica Concert

After the shooting Bob Marley was only going to perform one song at the show. That one song turned into a 90 minute set. The performance was met with resounding approval!

Marley’s insolence would not be forgotten.

One more song, a personal fave

Emancipate yourselves from mentally slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds

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