Saturday, 30 October 2010

Walther Rathenau

(September 29, 1867 – June 24, 1922)

"Like many Jews of his generation who had attained wealth and held intellectual and social pretensions, Rathenau subordinated his Jewishness to his Germanness -- perhaps with more fervency than most. In 1897 he characterized his people as "a separate and alien race," and asserted his complete devotion to Germany and to the German people. When he called his people "the salt of the earth," he added that too much salt produced an unsavory diet. Rathenau argued vehemently against Zionism on ideological and practical grounds."

One of the big surprises about the astonishing Zionist conspiracy, is that the majority of Jews wanted nothing to do with either it, or a so called Jewish homeland, forced on to the peaceful land of Palestine.

The Jews already living peacefully in Palestine beside their Muslim neighbours and friends certainly wanted nothing to do with the strange new Russian Khazar creatures who arrived in their midst, backed by Rothschild money, and with murderous zealotry in their eyes.

European Jews also, for the most part, were not interested in this strange and despicable process, suddenly born out of the horrors of the First World War. Many resisted and protested, just as many do to this day.

Walther Rathenau was one such, though in his case, being a high level German politician, he was more noticeable than most Jews defying Zionism at that crucial time, and so shortly after making his clear objections known, he was murdered. 


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