Friday 12 August 2011

Amschel Rothschild

Exclusive To *The Spotlight*
August 5, 1996
By Sasha Rakoczy

French police have determined that Amschel Rothschild, heir to
the fabulous Rothschild banking fortune, was murdered, according
to well-placed European sources.

But, French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac has ordered police to
close their investigation. Media outlets worldwide have ignored
these mysterious developments. Some have reported the death was
a suicide, other outlets disregarded the death altogether.

As if obeying an invisible choir-master, the world's competing
news organizations silenced their strident sensationalism this
month to cover up the mysterious death.

In the United States, newspapers controlled by Rupert Murdoch,
the foreign-born owner of the world's largest media empire,
either studiously ignored reports that Rothschild had met a
violent end, or relegated it to the back pages as a mere "heart

A *Spotlight* inquiry has established that Rothschild, 41, a
billionaire investment banker and a noted sportsman in excellent
health, was discovered lifeless on the floor of the bathroom of
his suite at the luxurious Bristol Hotel in Paris on July 8 at
7:32 pm.

Police found that he had been strangled with the heavy cord of
his own bathrobe. One end of the cord was attached to a towel
rack, as if to suggest that Rothschild's violent death was

"The [French] crime scene investigators never called it
'suicide,'" reporter Theirry de Segonzac told *The Spotlight* in
a telephone interview from Paris. "After photographing the body,
one of the detectives gave the towel rack tied to the body a
strong tug. It came right out of the wall."

Had Rothschild really attempted to hang himself from that rack,
he would have ended up with nothing worse than a couple of holes
in the wall, de Segonzac said.

There was no suicide note, no discernible cause or reason for a
finding of suicide, knowledgeable sources say. Rothschild, an
athletic and imperious figure in early middle age, was a renowned
race car driver and the husband of Anita Guinness, herself one of
the world's wealthiest heiresses. The couple had three children
who spent most of their time on the family's baronial estate in
Suffolk, England.

Rothschild had arrived in Paris to take over one of the many
family consortium's French assets -- management operations which
were to be merged with N.M. Rothschild's London-based investment
banking center.

"Far from being 'troubled,' Amschel Rothschild's star was on the
rise and he relished his success," says an executive at Keefe,
Bruyetter and Co., a respected Wall Street monitor of the
financial services industry. "I don't believe for a moment he
suddenly went and killed himself. There's much more to this

But with frantic speed -- within an hour after the body's
discovery -- authorities and news executives in both France and
Britain launched an unusual joint offensive to preempt a public
inquiry or a press investigation into the circumstances of
Rothschild's death.

"Murdoch sent a hotline fax to his 600-odd editors and news
managers around the world, ordering them to report Amschel's
death as a heart attack, if at all," said British broadcast
reporter Ian Gooding. "No one around here has ever seen such
pressure to kill a front-page story. But in the end, the
cover-up was complete."


  1. thanks for that one Suraci.
    I never heard tell of that suspicious death previously.
    For obvious reasons.
    Bankers seem prone to internecine strife resulting in the most curious deaths or takedowns

  2. The triumphant return, welcome back home friend and a nice find with this one. I thought that the suicide staging with the towel rack was either a deliberate mocking, or an amateur hit. The big question is who was behind it? A bit of inside house cleaning by the red shields perhaps? What was the motive and reasoning behind the murder? A very interesting mystery that begs a proper investigation.

  3. With all the speculation around the Rothchilds bringing into light what they really are and what they really do, it appears as though he developed a conscious & therefore no longer wanted to be part of the criminality. Or he was no longer controllable and therefore a threat and silencing him was the only option. The threat of facing the same fate may have been made to his wife and their children which sealed the coverup permanently? Only Allah knows. What is for sure is that we will know on the day of judgement when all is revealed and each reaps what they sow.

  4. This great man would not have taken his own life. He had far to much to live for. The truth is that only a select few knows what happened and the world will never know the truth about his death. May he rest in peace I am sure he will be missed by family and friends.

    1. A sad loss of another ray of light who once loved his animals as much as humans, he was happy amongst his pigs I hear.

  5. suicided bankers: