Friday 5 August 2011

Grand New Changes on the Horizon!

Greetings all and sincere gratitude for all of your patience, which I hope to reward in short order. Recently, I intimated that new cases and posts were forthcoming and indeed they are, as the Suspicious Deaths investigative team has now increased by three. I'd like you all to extend a very warm welcome to three of the absolutely most tenacious and brilliant  researchers I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. They are (in no preferential order) A. Peasant, A13 and Penny, and if you are not already familiar with their phenomenal work, I've complied links to their sites located in the right panel of this blog. Please take time to avail and apprise yourself of their investigative journalism for it is well worth the effort. Also, please proffer recognition and thanks to Suraci for originally creating this site and working hard to establish it as a research and information resource. A source for the curious, and  those wishing to learn more about people who prematurely lost their lives due to various suspect circumstances, political activities & involvements, or their progressive threat capacity to the architects of this hell. 

One major new change is that we are now collaborating our research on cases here and I believe the results will be outstanding, and provide the reading audiences with more substantial content, new evidence and exclusive information. As always, if there's a person of interest who died under very suspicious conditions or you suspect they've been murdered due to political reasons and you believe there's evidence of so, please forward your leads to 

Thanks again to all our faithful readers and associates for your continued support, loyalty, and patience. If there are any new readers amongst the massive, I extend to you all a hearty welcome. 


- The SDI (Suspicious Deaths Investigations) Team

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