Saturday 14 August 2010

Diana Spencer

(1 July 1961 – 31 August 1997)

Princess Diana made so many powerful enemies it was a wonder she survived as long as she did, among them the weapons industry, the Royal Family and Zionists (she was probably Jewish herself). I should imagine they and more were lining up to send her on her way.

My interest is partly truther related and partly personal, as I once met Diana while working as a waiter in a break from college. She dominated the room, even though she never said a word, and totally overshadowed her husband, just as she stole the limelight in later years from the entire "firm" and it's many parasitic civil list freeloaders.

I may have embellished it with the passage of time, but I would swear that when I looked directly at her standing a few feet away, she flashed just the merest of flirtatious half smiles. She was good at that sort of thing, as a string of later lovers seemed to bear out.

The assassination itself was complex, but car crashes are a tour de force of the hidden ones, and the occult nature of the act clearly indicates her death was no mere accident. The reaction of the press also confirms this, as does the part played by another occultist, Tony Blair, shedding crocodile tears while feeding on the nation's emotion, both spiritually and politically, as is their way.

Diana's injuries were not as severe as we've been told. Any third rate AE ward in a half decent hospital could have saved her life (and the baby's, rumour has it), but first on the scene was a mysterious doctor, who no doubt delivered the coup de grace.

Diana died from an induced heart attack, another victim to add to the millions over the years.

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  1. I believe her death was murder, no doubt! Getting too close to Muslims.