Monday 30 August 2010

John F Kennedy

(May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963)

Jack Kennedy appears to have been an independent American President, possibly the last of these. In particular he had stated an intention to rein in the CIA, The Federal Reserve bank, and also to block Israel's attempt to get the atom bomb. Any of these groups, or perhaps all of them combined, were capable of killing a President in full view of the world's media.

The startling fact about this murder is that more than one camera was filming that day, including very clear professional shots from media cameramen filming the event. That footage is never seen, only the grainy amateur Zapruder footage, which portrays the horror but insufficient detail to prove what happened.

I have only recently come to the conclusion that the two CIA men calmly stood behind the car just yards away as the murder took place were almost certainly either filming the event, or more probably firing the fatal shot with camera guns. They do not dive for cover on seeing their president's head blown off just yards away, an instinctive reaction from any innocent onlooker fearing for their own safety.

Kennedy's murder was perhaps the start of the modern age of runaway terror and out of control intelligence agencies allied to wealthy and powerful foreign interests, with extreme religious zealotry at the core of their existence.

From Kennedy to the USS Liberty to 911 to Iraq/Afghanistan and on to the next escalation, which will probably be a mushroom cloud somewhere.

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