Tuesday 31 August 2010

George Orwell

(25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950)

Orwell wrote two hugely important books, Animal Farm and 1984, the former relating how the elite view the world and us, and the latter describing how they intend to dominate us further in the future. The damage control at the time (and ever since) was based on discounting his books as being about Soviet Russia, much in the way that JFK's secrecy speech was wrongly assigned. Both men were, of course, just like many others over the years, talking about the illuminati/banksters/elite.

He's not generally regarded to have died suspiciously, as an active life including military service in Spain and living as a "down and out" for research could easily have provoked the TB that killed him, but his early death bears the hallmark of a removed impediment to what has now grown around us, and he was being monitored during the writing of 1984 by a so called "communist".

I suspect that these days an insider like Orwell breaking ranks would be suicided in a more high profile way as a warning. The elite are far more personally vicious now than in Orwell's day, and they are emboldened by their success and the wider public's total ignorance of them. Their religious psychosis is also increasing as, in their world, their success is a direct endorsement of their zealotry.


  1. He was visited by a surprise guest a few days before he was to leave for Switzerland: Andrew S F Gow, his old master from Eton, now a don at Cambridge. Gow was also the head recruiter for the Cambridge spies; he ran Anthony Blunt, who recruited Burgess and Maclean. Orwell and Celia Paget had recently been compiling lists of fellow travelers and communists for the government. Orwell died because of a lung hemorrhage, but he would not have died then if he had been attended to. Suspicious indeed!

  2. So he was "compiling lists of fellow travelers and communists". Meaning: he ended up doing exactly what he despised the most and alerted about? The persecution of citizens for their beliefs? I always thought there's something fishy about this story of Orwell compiling lists. Probably he was forced to do it.

    1. At the end of the day, it gets dark.

  3. lets just all be real, no one will ever KNOW how he mysteriously and prematurely died, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out there was a fly in the ointment ok